Mark Retallack

Classical Strings Specialist & Violist

New Hampshire Philharmonic

Instruments: Piano, Keyboard

Mark comes to the Fabulous School of Music with an impressive and extensive Music education background. He has a B.M. Applied Music Performance, from Houghton College. He also continued his education for years taking post graduate jazz piano studies with Jeff Covel & Luciano Salvatore (Berklee College of Music) & Charlie Banacos (New England Conservatory). He has a classical background as well taking Master Classes with concert pianists Anton Kuerti, Mia Cheung and Ron Hawkins. He brings a wealth of musical knowledge, along with a passion for his instrument and love for sharing both with his students.

Mark is a full-time musician, teaching and performing in and around Boston for many years. He has been a session keyboardist at several Recording Studios including Newbury Sound in Boston and Blue Jay Studio in Carlisle, MA. He performs weekly playing solo piano at various locations & is house pianist at Beverly’s own jazz staple, Chianti’s. Mark performs and has performed with several ensembles (“Jumpstreet”, “Linda Ronstadt Review”, “Little Anthony and the Imperials” and “The Platters”) playing all genres including Rock Piano. He has extensive experience directing High School Rock and Roll Camps in the area as well. With all of his musical experience, he can easily teach students in any direction that their musical passion takes them! 

Mark’s teaching philosophy is that music learning comes to us either through our eyes, or through our ears. These represent two very different modes of learning. Usually we are better at one, than the other. A teacher must teach to the student’s strength, while not ignoring their weakness. This learning style will determine the approach to learning piano music. While developing the student’s strengths is most important, working to improve weaker skills should be part of the learning process as well to grow into a well-rounded musician. 

Classical musicians tend to have learned their music through their eyes by reading scores. Jazz and improvisational musicians tend to have learned most of their music through their ears by listening. Through consistent hard work, many musicians have become quite proficient in both areas which can be rewarding and lots of fun. Mark’s teaching involves assessing the student’s strengths and weaknesses while working with both to fulfill the student’s musical potential. 

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