Erin Burke-Moran

Guitarist @ Caspian

Instruments: Guitar, Ukulele, Pedal-ology, Music Theory and Audio Production

Erin is a full-time musician who enjoys teaching music just as much as he enjoys playing it. Over the years, Erin has taught hundreds of students in many guitar styles, including classical, jazz and rock. Alongside guitar, he enjoys teaching music theory, songwriting, and audio production. With his band Caspian, he has traveled to over forty countries and performed more than one thousand shows on four continents. Erin has taught rock ensembles, organized festivals, directed musicals, played countless wedding ceremonies, and has run live sound at a local theatre. Erin holds a BA in Music with a concentration in classical guitar from Gordon College. Outside of all things music, Erin is a hiking enthusiast, a helpful husband, and a proud Dad.

Erin has been teaching virtually on zoom for years… “let’s rock”!

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