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The Microphone Zone

The Microphone Zone Store and Recording Studio offers a local convenient store to area professional musicians who need musical supplies and don’t feel like driving 10 miles down to GC or further for Daddy’s.  MZ has strings, picks, sticks, heads, straps, slides, tuners, effect pedals, books, cables, guitars, guitar gigbags, basses, bass gigbags, music stands, guitar stands….you get the picture?

The Microphone Zone also offers the students of the Fabulous School of Music all the books and supplies they will ever need to continue their studies with their teachers.  The store is located right downstairs from the Fab School in the same building!  Parents, are your students not practicing enough?  Does he or she not have a guitar on a guitar stand in their room with their music on a music stand?? Just a thought but the easier you make it for them to learn… know the rest!

The Microphone Zone now has a recording studio downstairs with a great facility for a fabulous recording experience including Karaoke, Rock Star parties, Player and Songwriter sessions and more.  Singers can sing their favorite songs, record and have a DVD or CD mixed and then ready to enjoy! Songwriters can come down and record a guitar or keyboard track with a vocal over it.  Do you need an audition CD?  How about a video holiday card with the kids?  Check out the new Microphone Zone website to see what is going on: The Microphone Zone!!