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Teaching Philosophy

With five voice teachers on the faculty of the Fabulous School of Music, we have a tremendous amount of schedule flexibility as well as several types of vocal instruction.  The material taught includes classical, musical theater, jazz, and all contemporary genres, and we strive to center a student’s repertoire around their goals, needs, and preferences. 

Jenifer Tobiasz teaches one of the top professional vocal methods taught in the music industry focusing on the idea that singing is an athletic endeavor, engaging many parts of the body and by understanding the role of each part in vocal production, the student attains a voice with greater range, power, volume, flexibility, pitch, dynamics, and resonance. She also combines elements of the Bel Canto method, Gary Catona’s Voice Building System, and the ancient philosophy of the Tao as it relates to singing.  Lessons focus on breathing, scale exercises, and songs chosen by the student.

Ellen and Stephanie are classically trained singers who teach students to sing with solid technique in a variety of styles.  Students are given a solid foundation of warm ups, breathing/support strengthening, and control that they can apply to all styles of music.  Other basic techniques covered in our voice lessons include posture, breathing, head voice/registration, tension release, open sound, and mask resonance. Our teachers also work with students coaching them to prepare for a specific event, performance, or audition.  Students are encouraged to bring in ideas of the style of music or specific songs they’d like to work on during their lessons.  We accept students 6 years old and up and welcome any experience level, from beginner to advanced.

The main goal of all of our voice teachers is to instill a lifelong passion for music in our students and to always encourage creativity in music-making.  The overall philosophy is that singing lessons should be about finding your true, natural, unique voice and that music should be a fun, creative and enjoyable outlet!

Voice Teachers

Below is a list of teachers that teach the Voice at the Fabulous School of Music. Click on a profile to learn more.

Ellen Allen

Instruments: Voice, Violin, Viola

Mary Barba

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Voice, Ukulele

Stephanie Lento

Instruments: Voice, Piano and Keyboards

Jenifer Tobiasz

Instruments: Voice, Piano