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You can’t stop the flow of music: a call to parents

American composer Aaron Copeland once said, “To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.” Has there ever been a truer sentence? You cannot stop music.  It really is a force beyond our control. Everything is music – the flush of the toilet or the vroom of a plane overhead. Only God can stop the flow of music. Not only is it impossible for us to stop the flow of music, why would we even want to? It would be the same as removing our hearts. We would perish.

Copeland’s quote also applies to children and music. Let’s tweak the sentence just a bit. To stop the flow of music in children would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable. At the Fabulous School of Music, we are big supporters of music education, especially when it comes to young children and teenagers. Learning how to play an instrument, for example, will change a child’s life forever. The moment a child latches onto music, it is impossible to stop the flow. Again, why would you want to stop it? The child’s life is changing for the better because of it.

In the article, “Children benefit from lessons in the arts,” Danielle Rose of writes, “The Children’s Music Workshop, an online music resource, states that children who practice the arts have higher grades in school and on standardized tests.” While that may seem like common sense, many parents still underestimate the power of music. Many kids have never touched a musical instrument! Our one piece of advice: expose your children to music from day one. Play it around the house, put an instrument in their hands or encourage them to sing. Before you know it, your son or daughter will be begging you for lessons!

Debbie Disanza, director of Music Together programs, sums it up the best: “Music is the only activity that stimulates every area of the brain.” You see, you can’t stop the flow of music! Music Together is a global program that encourages music education for children before they hit kindergarten and grade school, so from birth through age seven. All parents and children should be involved in such a program. What do you think?

Here is Rose’s article: Children benefit from lessons in the arts



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