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Music, when soft voices die; start taking lessons today

It is all around you, rollerblading on the air.  You cannot avoid it.  You start the day with it, as you step outside to grab the morning paper, your hand tightly wrapped around a coffee cup – the thorough chirps of birds greeting you.  How their collective song meets the exhaust thump of traffic.  It is as if your own personal DJ is remixing the sounds of morning for you.  That is how the day goes, immersed in noise and trying to seek solace in the sounds.  The music of the world carries you through the day and into night or, as Shelley writes, “Music, when soft voices die, / Vibrates in the memory - / Odours, when sweet violets sicken, / Live within the sense they quicken.” Where would we be without music?

For most – if not all – of us, not a day goes by that we do not listen to music, through either our iPods or the world around us.  It helps stabilize our souls and encourages us to push through life’s grime and muck.  A musician is like Santa Claus, gifting with every song, with every strum of the guitar.  Playing music benefits both the musician and the listener.  It is a perfect relationship.  Have you ever considered moving out from the realm of mere listener and picking up an instrument?

The line “music, when soft voices die” refers to the everlasting power of music; it is like a fossil deep in the mind.  When you unearth it, you are an archaeologist flung headfirst into the emotions of an era.  The more you dig, the more you learn.  Start taking lessons today and add to the archaeological study of the soul.  New Year, new you, new soul.

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