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Phil Dubnick

Instruments: Guitar, Music Theory, Voice, Songwriting and Recording

Phil is an extremely knowledgable music teacher being a graduate of the Berklee School of Music. As a teacher, Phil tries to help each student acquire the skills and knowledge they need to take them anywhere they want to go musically, while making the learning process as fun as possible.

Phil comes from a rock background but he also has an in-depth understanding of traditional harmony, modal theory and counterpoint which he shares with his students through the work of artists they like, regardless of the style he teaches. Phil prides himself on being able to tailor the lessons to the needs and goals of the individual student, helping them get past plateaus and stumbling blocks students may hit along the way. Above all, Phil's goal is to keep the learning and creative process as engaging as possible for all students.

Besides his many guitar and voice students, Phil also teaches classes on Music Theory, Songwriting and he will soon offer a class in Home Recording and Production. Phil has been on the Fabulous Faculty for 7 plus years and we are glad to have his amazing musical expertise at the school.

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Styles: Rock, Blues, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Basic Jazz - focus on every day use of theory in all styles.

Education: Berklee College Of Music

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