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Classical Guitar

What is a Classical Guitar?

The classical guitar, also known as the “nylon string guitar” is a 6 string nylon acoustic guitar.  The classical guitar is well known for its comprehensive fingerpicking technique, which enables the solo rendition of melody, multi-voiced harmony and polyphony (in much the same manner as the piano can).  Right-handed players usually use the fingers of the right hand to pluck the strings, with the thumb plucking from the top of a string downward, and the other fingers plucking from the bottom of string upward.

The classical guitar was first used in the late 1600’s and it continues to be a popular instrument with such classical virtuosos as Andrés Segovia and Julian Bream.  The name classical guitar does not mean that only classical repertoire is performed on it.  Classical music is a huge part of the instrument’s core repertoire but there are several other kinds of music performed on it such as folk, alternative, jazz and flamenco.

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Teaching Philosophy

Our classical guitar teachers will take students at the age of seven.  If study is this early on, book instruction is necessary as reading music is obviously an important aspect of studying this instrument.  The Christopher Parkening method books are used until a basic understanding of note reading is established and then a student is ready to move on toward playing pieces.  Mel Bay’s Folio of Easy Classic Guitar Solos is a great place for youngsters to start.  The Simple Studies (Etudes Simples) of Leo Brouwer are a wonderful place for teen/adult students to begin their study. These books introduce bass/melody ideas, arpeggios, hammer-on/pull-offs and other techniques in an engaging way and have a very exotic sound.  He also uses studies written by composers such as Sor, Giuliani and Carcassi. 

The study of the classical guitar is one that is weighted in the art of discipline.  Discipline in how one should practice, perform, even live.  To be able to perform more technically advanced works written for the guitar, one must spend years developing techniques for the right and left hand.  “Pumping Nylon” by Scott Tenant is a great book for the advanced student to establish a firm technique.  Along with great ideas for working your hands, there is also a daily warm-up routine included that will give the student the tools necessary to improve on a regular basis.  Pieces can be studied for years.  This may seem overwhelming, but in the end it is the true delight of classical music.  Our teachers will be there to encourage and guide their students through the many layers hidden in the wondrous world of music.

Classical Guitar Teachers

Below is a list of teachers that teach the Classical Guitar at the Fabulous School of Music. Click on a profile to learn more.

Erin Burke-Moran

Instruments: Guitar, Classical Guitar and Rock Ensemble

Chris Galat

Instruments: Guitar